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Amazon has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to customer experience. They have a very strict policy where, in case of counterfeit products, countless complaints or any cheating to buyers leads to loss of selling privileges, plus funds get withheld, and all the disposal of inventory becomes their possessions. Today we will talk about different losses of seller’s privileges and some tips to reinstate amazon seller’s account.       

Let’s Understand the Different Types of Loss for Sellers’ Privileges. 

Suspension: There is still a chance to reinstate amazon seller account by writing an amazon appeal letter.

Denied: It states that the previously given appeal is rejected, and there is still a chance to reinstate the account by modifying the plan of action

Banned: It is the worst fear for all the sellers; under this stage, you are out of the game as your appeal failed more than once, and Amazon no longer reads your emails. 

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Reasons Why Selling Privileges are Removed from Sellers:

  1. Low performance
  2. Selling prohibited products
  3. Violation of Amazon’s selling policies
  4.  Ignoring warnings from Amazon
  5. Selling counterfeit products 

Tips to Avoid the Amazon Suspension

1. Right Documentation

Before opening a seller account, ensure to have all required documents. Ensure that the documents you will upload on Amazon are clear and visible enough to read what is written on them. Ensure that you have the same business name in all documents; a bit here or there can cause trouble in accepting your application or suspension in the future.   

2. Educate Yourself

They say precaution is better than cure, which is very much true in this case. One of the tips to avoid Amazon account suspension is to educate yourself about the rules and regulations set for sellers. Amazon periodically updates its rules and regulations to render the best customer care to its buyers.    

3. Don’t Ignore Notifications.

Generally, before suspending the seller’s account, they send warnings through notifications. In case of any complaints from buyers, ensure to respond to them respectfully and professionally. Ensure to communicate with Amazon even for the warning to prevent Amazon account suspension.             

4. Manage Metrics

Ensure to keep the selling metric above average to avoid the threat of suspension. Following are some standard ratings that are expected from sellers:

Order defect<1%

Negative feedback <5%

Pre-fulfillment cancel rate<2.5%

Late shipment rate<4%        

Keep your metrics as per the standard mentioned above to skip suspension and attract more buyers. Authentic sellers can use the Amazon platform as the prime source of their income.    

5. Honest and Proactive in Work

One of the reasons to prosper in the marketplace is to be honest, and proactive in your work. Remove any item from the selling list if it generates bad reviews or lowers the performance score. Be proactive in replying to bad reviews, solving potential inventory issues, out-of-stock issues, or any issues that hinder the path to a flawless buying experience. Your honesty and proactiveness in work helps to establish yourself on the platform.         

Plan of Action for a Suspended Account

Even after putting your best foot on the Amazon marketplace, your account got suspended, so let us be very clear, this kind of thing also happens. Take it easy and breathe. Following are some of the actions you can take to deal with the problem:

1. Resolve Outstanding Tickets

One of the ways to improve the health of your seller’s account is by resolving any outstanding tickets. If you suspend your seller’s account, any outstanding tickets may risk being permanently banned on the platform. Before starting communication with Amazon about account reinstatement, please do not give them any reason not to reinstate your account.

2. Find out the Actual Cause of Suspension.

Before addressing the problem with Amazon, it is advisable to find out the root cause for which your account has been suspended. By finding out the cause, you can make a practical plan to revive your account. Audit your account and try to solve every problem; this will help reach the suspension’s root cause.

3. Address your Plan of Action

Once you realise that you have violated the seller’s policies, the next step is to accept it and prepare a plan to rectify the mistake. Be specific and professional while addressing the issue to Amazon. What are the steps you will take to prevent the action in the future? For example, suppose you have a large number of negative comments about a particular product. In that case, you can write a letter to Amazon stating that you have identified why most buyers are planning to remove the product from the selling list.   

4. Have Patience                            

Patience is the key, and the same is applicable when waiting for Amazon to reply. It generally takes up to 48 hours to get a reply from them. There are chances that you will get a reply via email about the account’s status.                 


These are some tips and tricks that can help revive your seller’s account. You can take help from a professional amazon suspension management company to give your best shot. They have experts and experienced teams that can help to guide the entire process in the right direction.  


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