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Health is wealth, and the same is true for your Amazon seller’s account. A stable health state is a sign of a growing account. You might be wondering how to keep a check on the account health performance, right? Don’t worry; we are here to discuss some important aspects of Amazon account health management.

What is an Amazon Account Health Checkup?

Amazon Account Health Checkup is a complete analysis of the Amazon Seller account where key metrics undergo a thorough inspection. Here the main reason to do all these analyses is to check if sellers follow all policies and whether they are able to meet the performance target as set by Amazon.

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Metrics you Should Never Ignore


1. Cancellation Rate

This metric is for the FBM or seller fulfilled orders. It is measured in a 7 days timeframe; all the orders canceled in those seven days, their percentage is counted under this metric. One needs to maintain a percentage less than 2.5% to pass the metric.

2. On-time Delivery Rate

It is for the seller fulfilled orders, and the ideal one is above 97%. It is counted by the number of orders and how many orders reached their respective doorstep with the estimated delivery date.

3. Order Defect Rate

The satisfactory order defect rate is less than 1%. It is counted within the past 60 days to ensure that customers are really happy with what you promised to deliver through the product.

4. Invoice Defect Rate

The ideal invoice defect rate is less than 5%. It is defined as the downloadable VAt invoice not provided within one business day after the shipment confirmation. Here order placed by Amazon Business customers.

5. Valid Tracking Rate

It is defined as the number of valid tracking numbers provided to the customers. The model valid tracking rate is above 95%. It is counted in the 30 days timeframe, and the metric is valid for FBM or seller fulfilled orders only.

6. Return Dissatisfaction Rate

Return dissatisfaction rate increases when sellers do not respond to return requests within 48 hours, plus increased negative reviews are also a reason. The ideal RDR is below 10%.

What if You are Unable to Match Metrics?

In case you fail to meet the metrics standard of Amazon, they will ask you to prepare a plan of action for improvement within 48 hours. If the POA is approved by them and implemented by you, then your Amazon seller account will not be suspended.

How Can We Help You?

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