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Amazon continues to be the most dominating marketplace, even in 2022. Do you sometimes wonder why some products always seem to show up in Amazon searches while some barely get any attention? Listing plays a huge role in bringing your products to top searches. Today we’ll talk about some important tips for Amazon Listing.

Useful Amazon Listing Tips:

  • Better Images 

Nobody likes blur or improper images, especially when advanced technology allows one to capture flawless pictures. When you sell on Amazon, the only thing that creates the first impression is the product image, so why create a poor impression? Potential buyers are looking for clearly visible and high-definition photographs. As per instruction from Amazon, ensure that the first image is the product free from any illustration, graphics, sticker or anything less but a good and clear product image.

  • Product Description  

An effective product description is one creative way to stand out from the crowd. In writing, explain how your product can improve customers’ lives. Ensure to write descriptions in the bullet points and give practical examples of how it has improved customers’ lives.

  • Flexible Pricing Strategy

One of the tough things is determining the product’s price, but do you know what is even tougher than this? It’s a flexible price strategy. If the demand is high, you can increase the price, and during the dry season, you can offer great discounts, combo offers, and other great offers.

  • Manual Repricing: Manual repricing is where you need to change the price manually. This is an effective method for sellers with limited or few products.
  • Algorithmic Repricing: Algorithmic repricing allows sellers to set an ideal price by applying computer algorithms. One of the best benefits of this pricing, it is not biased like humans and is based on real data.
  • Rule-based Repricing: Rule-based Repricing is a method where the price is changed due to competitors’ prices. Before making any change, there are plenty of rules that are applied, but all with a common goal of having the lowest or most competitive price.
  • Product Title Optimisation                              

Product title is very important as they can help grab shoppers’ attention. Use a creative yet simple title. Some quick title optimisation:

  • Capitalise the first letter of each word, leaving an article, preposition, or conjunction out of it.
  • Include primary keywords include
  • Avoid special characters or symbol
  • Numbers should be numerals
  • Avoid promotional messages like sales or discounts
  • Use “and” not “&”
  • Avoid subjective commentary
  • The title should match with physical packaging of the product


  • Research Keywords   

One of the most underrated things is researching keywords; you need to have dedicated time to find out the right keywords to make all effort worthwhile. Why is it important? Well, it is a critical aspect of Amazon listing optimisation as targeting the wrong keywords will your target audience will never be able to reach out to your product. There are two types of keywords: Primary and Hidden keywords.

Primary Keywords are visible to users as they appear in the product description, title, and features. While hidden keywords are not visible to users, they connect you with shoppers by considering their buying habits.

  • Organise Product Category            

Organising and optimising products can be the most fruitful activities which are often skipped. It is very important that your product occupies the correct category; otherwise, users can remove it with a single click from their search results. There is a larger section of users who search the product via category, and we are sure you can’t afford to lose that large chunk from the search. For example, if you have used the “agriculture tool” category for your “construction tool”, then, first of all, you are getting in search of the wrong audience, and with a single click, they can remove you from their search result.

  • Key Product Features           

Amazon gives a 1000-character limit to describe the product features. Amazon gives you space to write about product features in such a way that it persuades users to buy the product. One of the best ways to do it is by putting yourself in the customer’s shoes and visualising the experience if you wish to give to customers. In order to write it more appealingly, ensure to use short paragraphs and bullet points. You can write features or benefits of the product in the bullet points.

  • Responding to Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are essential to keep going in the business. Positive reviews help to bring new customers, while negative reviews can lower sales, and the trust factor is also gets affected. Handle positive reviews with gratitude and take negative in the most positive way. Instead of going in the defending mode, take it in a very positive way by accepting your flaws and apologising for the inconvenience. One of the best ways to grow your business is by encouraging customers to write reviews for the product.

What Happens When Listings are not Done Right?

Apart from the fact that improper listing can lead to business loss, do you know it can cause Amazon seller account suspension? There are a plethora of reasons for Amazon suspension and listing is one of them. Instead of shooting an arrow in the dark, take help from Amazon appeal service UK to guide to reinstate the suspended Amazon account.

Your Path Towards Success!

Now you know the hacks and tricks for a successful Amazon product listing, we hope that you will be able to unleash the next stage of success. But if you are too busy or do not want to waste your precious time on such petty things, why don’t you choose an expert? Amazon Appeal is a renowned amazon suspension appeal service UK. We have years of experience in making all things right for Amazon sellers. Book a consultation call today and unleash the next-level business opportunity.


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