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Imagine you are checking your notification on your Amazon central account and seeing that your seller’s privileges are revoked, meaning your seller account is suspended. This can be no less than any big shock. Amazon seller account suspension is no joke, especially when you don’t know the exact reason. What should I do now? What is my fault? Why is the seller’s account suspended? What should I do for the amazon appeal? Well, answers to all these questions lie in further reading. We are here to guide you through the Amazon appeal and what are scenarios under which your account can be suspended.

What Does Amazon Account Suspension Mean?

Amazon seller account suspension means that as a seller, you have violated one or more rules of Amazon’s terms of services, intentionally or unintentionally. Here is the screenshot of what amazon suspension mail looks like.

Three stages of Amazon Suspensions

Before permanently getting banned from selling on Amazon, there are basically three stages of Amazon suspension. Following is a glimpse of it:

Stage 1: Suspension

In this state, the selling rights of the sellers are revoked. You can reinstate your account by sending an Amazon suspension appeal letter. You can hire us for Amazon appeal service.

Stage 2: Denied

The next stage of suspension is when your appeal letter is not approved. Here you can get a chance to revise your plan of action and send it back to Amazon to reinstate your account.

Stage 3: Banned

The sad thing about Amazon is that once your appeal is denied, you are forever banned from the platform. You can be banned forever if you use abusive language or send threatening emails to Amazon.

Different Suspension Scenarios

Here we have discussed some common scenarios under which your Amazon seller’s account may get suspended. You can avoid it and save your business from the painful fate.

Scenario 1: Exceeding Amazon’s Operational Metrics

If you exceed one of Amazon’s metrics for an extended period, your account results in suspension. But suspend your account, and you will probably receive a warning notice for approximately 15 days or more. Sometimes lucky sellers even receive two warning notices.

How to Appeal for Operational Metric Suspension?

The good news is that operational metric suspensions are generally successfully appealed. The duration varies as sometimes it can be reinstated immediately, while in a few cases, it may take a couple of weeks. Do not give vague reasons for operational metric suspension as people at Amazon are smart enough as they have to deal with hundreds of reasons. It is also true that Amazon is not going to check if you have actually implemented your plan, as all they care about is that you should never exceed that metric again. Amazon generally takes 12 to 48 hours to respond to you back.

Scenario 2: Violation of Amazon’s Terms of Service

Don’t make the mistake of underestimating Amazon for anything as they are very particular about their terms of service. When we say terms of service, it covers a vast area. The most common violations include selling counterfeit products for an extended period of time without shipping products. The maximum duration for the amazon ban seems to be around 3 years, but 3 years is like an eternity for a seller. If you are planning to open another account, remember that Amazon is very good at connecting the dots. If you get caught, then your funds are not likely to be released.

Scenario 3: It was Amazon’s Mistake

If your amazon seller suspension is a legitimate mistake from Amazon’s end, then the chances of reinstating the account are very high. All you need to do is to submit the necessary paperwork like shipping receipts, commercial invoices, etc. Be ready to do a lot of paperwork as they value paperwork before your pleas. The best bet is to try connecting with the Amazon call centre.

Things to Keep in Mind

Key elements to remember while writing a plan of action to amazon to reinstate the suspended account. Following are some:

  • Don’t forge any documents; send them the required documents that amazon may have asked you for.
  • While writing, do not use foul or aggressive language.
  • Before writing to them, analyse the mistakes you were making as a seller and check if it is possible to rectify those mistakes.
  • Be precise in your letter, as they may not be interested in your entire story. Include facts and reasons in the letter.

Last Resort

There are several lat resorts you can try your hand at if the above-mentioned things do not work in your favour. Hire Appeal Prime services at your professional appeal service. We have years of experience handling different kinds of amazon suspension cases, and we know exactly what went wrong. We are your best bet when it comes to reinstating the Amazon seller’s account.


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