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Imagine everything going great and suddenly you get the email from Amazon about Amazon suspending your selling privileges. Suspension of a seller’s account can be a shocking event and there are many reasons for which your account has been suspended. But here the key thing is that do not panic, instead follow this guide for amazon seller account reinstatement.

How to Appeal an Amazon Effectively?

Following are the steps that needs to follow to reinstate amazon listing:

1. Find Out the Reason for Suspension

Before taking any action, it is very important to find out the reason for your seller’s account suspension. There is no doubt that Amazon will give you basic reasons, but you must investigate yourself to check where things go wrong and what steps one can take to avoid such situations in the future.

There are two basic reasons for which a seller’s account can be suspended: seller’s failure to follow seller policies by Amazon and another reason could be that seller performance has fallen below the minimum expectation in one or more areas. But let’s figure out the two above mentioned issues:

a.Seller Policy Violation

Under this selling restricted products is also considered as a violation of the seller policy. Another violation includes redirecting Amazon’s traffic on another website, setting another seller’s account without Amazon’s permission, violating pricing terms, and many more. While checking policy, ensure that your listings do not contain misleading or inaccurate information. You can refer to Amazon seller’s policy for more information.

b. Seller’s Performance Issues

Seller’s performance is analysed on the basis of various metrics. Following are the metrics and its standard:

Order defect rate: <1%
Pre-fulfillment cancel rate: <2.5%
Late shipment rate: <4%

Step 2: Prepare Plan of Action

After discovering the reason for amazon’s suspended account, the next thing is to prepare a plan of action. A well designed and thoughtful plan of action helps to reinstate amazon listing. Following are some of guideline to create effective plan of action:

a. Introduction Paragraph

In the introduction paragraph, introduce yourself, tell them about your association with Amazon and state the reason why your account is suspended. Ensure to use very polite language and keep the email precise.

Describe the Issue

Keep the description of the issue very precise, tell them about the reason for account suspension. Also, suggest to them what measures you are ready to take to rectify the mistake. Don’t brag about the issue, instead take full responsibility for it.

c. Tell Them your Action Plan

In this paragraph describe your action plan and how you will implement it. Describe the changes you and your team are willing to take to solve the problem. Even if the suspension is the fault of Amazon, never make use of wrong language or never blame Amazon for it.

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In this write the closing statement and make a request to reinstate your amazon account.

Step 3: Send the Appeal

Once the action plan is thoroughly checked, it’s time to send it to Amazon. Follow the following steps to send the appeal

a. In the seller central, select performance notification from the performance dropdown.
b. Find the suspension letter and click on the “Appeal” button and then select “Appeal Decision” button.
c. Now in the given form, write down the plan of action along with any doubt question and contact number.
d. Once everything is done as per the above instruction, click on the “Submit” button.

Typically you get a response from Amazon appeal within 48 hours of the appeal submission.


There you have it. If you follow the above mentioned steps then chances of amazon listing reinstatement will get high. You can also take the help of professional service providers like us. We at Appeal Prime ensure to guide you at each step to reinstate the amazon account. Our team of professionals have extensive years of experience to offer flawless services at affordable rates.


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