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With so many sellers joining the amazon sellers platform, one of the most common issues that bother them is a suspension of Amazon seller accounts. When your Amazon seller account is suspended, you have every right to be upset and sad about it, as, after all, you can’t make money when you can’t sell. In the forthcoming reading, you will read about the significant reasons behind the suspension and what are some dos and don’t to reinstate Amazon Suspended Account.

Why Does Amazon Sellers’ Account Get Suspended?

There are several reasons why your Amazon seller’s account can get suspended. Following are some of the reasons:

  • Poor Performance of Sellers

One of the primary reasons Amazon Sellers’ accounts get suspended is the poor performance of sellers. There are some standard performance metrics that every seller needs to meet to sell on the platform. Amazon is very particular about its rules and regulations, especially those rules that violate the buyer’s satisfaction level.

  • Policy Violation

Amazon aims to offer the best services and products to its buyers, and because of its customer-oriented policies, a large number of buyers across the globe trust the platform. Hundreds of thousands of sellers are associated with the platform, and keeping an eye on each seller becomes difficult. That is why they want each seller to follow the terms of service strictly, and any deviation can result in account suspension.

  • Having Multiple Accounts

Amazon encourages fair selling practices. When a seller operates more than one account for selling the same item, then it is considered illegal as per Amazon’s norms. If Amazon finds out about the same, it will suspend your selling account.

  • Selling of Restricted Products

If you are selling any restricted, inauthentic or counterfeit product on Amazon, and if Amazon finds out about it, then your account will be suspended. You can check out the complete list of restricted products in different regions from the official website of Amazon.

Dos and Don’ts to Reinstate the Amazon Seller’s Account

The key to reinstate the amazon seller’s account is patience and guidance on how to do it in the right way. Following are some dos and don’ts that you should strictly follow to reinstate the Amazon seller’s account.

  • Stay Calm

The most important and foremost step in the Amazon account reinstatement process. We know that you already know about it but keep in mind that your anger and bad behaviour with Amazon’s team won’t help reinstate your account; in fact, it will make the process even more difficult.

  • Be Professional

Some amazon account reinstatement processes take a lot of time and patience. You may have to write a number of times to the Amazon team. During the entire process, keep calm and stay professional. Do not get into unprofessional behaviour like abusing Amazon’s people, blaming Amazon for suspension, and bothering them with countless emails. Instead, take help from a professional amazon appeal service to reinstate the account in a short period.

  • Don’t Jump on Appeal Button

After account suspension, the appeal button seems to be an exciting option, and people often jump to appeal without a well-thought-out plan of action. Before appealing, ensure to have a right appeal. Your appeal should cover significant things like the reason your account was suspended, what actions you have taken to avoid the situation, and what is your future plan of action to prevent the same problem.

  • Don’t Comment on Amazon Process

It won’t be right from the seller’s side to pass negative comments on Amazon’s process. Do not comment on how slowly the Amazon process is or what is wrong in the entire process. This attitude will form a bad impression on their minds, which may delay reinstatement.

  • Avoid Irrelevant Information

If your account is suspended due to a violation of the seller’s policy, then do not attach copies of screenshots about the great feedback on your product or Amazon health account. Keep the letter very short and to the point. Please do not feed them too many irrelevant topics, as it will divert them from the main topic. Value their time, and hopefully they will do the same.

  • Keep the Email Short and to the Point

No point in beating around the bush as the Amazon team gets hundreds of emails every day requesting for the account to be reinstated. In your email, write the problems, what the mistakes are from your point of view, how you are ready to take action to avoid the same situation in future, and what you have already taken to rectify the mistake. Try to present it in bullet points and small paragraphs.


One of the final pieces of advice is to take a systematic approach before appealing. Instead of wasting your precious time on trial and error, hire the AppealPrime service. For you, account suspension may be a new thing, but we have experienced reinstatement of the seller account hundreds of times, so we know what to do and what to avoid. Hire us today to start your income flow again.


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