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Are you the one who got an amazon suspension notice out of the blue? It’s a nightmare for every seller, especially whose main income source is only through Amazon. However, Amazon is very particular about its seller’s policies, and any violation of the policy can lead to suspension. Therefore, the sellers should involve fair practices from the beginning to avoid the amazon suspension. One of the major aspects is Amazon account health.

What is the Amazon Account Health Page?

To sell, the sellers agree to abide by the rules, and one such is maintaining metrics standards at certain levels. Upon fulfilling or maintaining a certain level, you can keep your amazon account floating.

Important Metrics of Amazon Health Page

1. Order Defect Rate

Order defect rate is a key metric that measures the percentage of defective products during the given 60-day period. An order is to detect defects for the following reasons:

Negative feedback
Successful A to Z claim
Credit card chargeback

It is calculated as the number of defect orders over the total number of orders within the last 60 days, and the ideal percentage is below 1%.

2. On-Time Delivery Rate

The on-time delivery rate is defined as the delivery number of orders on or before the expected delivery date. It is calculated as the number of packages delivered on the respected doorstep by the estimated delivery date over the total number of orders. The ideal on-time delivery rate is 97%.

3. Cancellation Rate

It applies to seller-fulfilled orders; it refers to the percentage of orders cancelled by the sellers themselves. If customers cancel the order, it does not impact the cancellation rate metric. The ideal cancellation rate is below 2.5%. It is measured for a particular 7-day period.

4. Valid Tracking Rate

The valid tracking rate metric is for self-fulfilled orders only. It is calculated as the percentage of total shipments with a valid tracking number in a given 30-day period. The ideal valid tracking rate is above 95%.

5. Late Dispatch Rate

Shipping is an important part of the ecommerce experience. Sellers must ensure that orders are shipped in time by the expected shipping date. The late dispatch rate is applicable to seller-fulfilled orders, and the ideal rate is less than 4%. It is calculated for the total order in a 10 or 30 days period.

6. Invoice Defect Rate

Invoice Defect Rate is defined as the number of orders placed by Amazon Business customers for which sellers fail to provide the downloadable tax receipt within one business day after the shipment confirmation. The ideal invoice defect rate should be less than 5%. The main aim of adding this metric is to enable third-party sellers to oversee the invoicing experience for Amazon Business customers who demand receipts for tax and accounting purposes.

7. Return Dissatisfaction Rate

As the name suggests, the return dissatisfaction rate is defined as the customers’ dissatisfaction with the product. The following actions are an indication of poor return experience:

Negative feedback
Not processing the return request without a valid reason
No response about the return request within 48 hours by the seller

The return dissatisfaction rate is calculated as the total number of negative return requests over total return requests. The ideal RDR is less than 10%.

Result of Poor Health Account

Amazon account health is vital for keeping your amazon seller account active. Amazon keeps a constant watch on these metrics to improve its overall services. Although Amazon does not entail heavy penalties for first-time defaulters, for the initial, you will be given 60 days to show measurable improvement in the metrics.

But if your amazon account is constantly subjected to poor health, you are likely to face account suspension. In that case, you need to appeal to Amazon to reinstate the suspended account.

You need to send a solid Plan of Action; in some cases, they will provide you with the reason for suspension, while in some cases, they will not provide full details. Your PoA should acknowledge the problems and what actions you are ready to take to rectify the mistakes.

Quick Tips for a Better Plan of Action

Plan of Action plays an important role in deciding whether amazon suspended the account reinstated or not. There an ideal plan of action should be clear and there include:

What is the root cause of the account’s suspension?
What measures have you taken to rectify the mistake?
What internal changes are you ready to make to avoid such incidents in the future?

Final Words

We hope that now you have understood the important factors to keep the account health in a good state. So you can follow the rules and regulations to avoid suspension. However, even after taking good care, if your account gets suspended, then you need to hire the Amazon appeal service UK. AppealPrime is a renowned appeal service. Our team of amazon appeal experts will guide you through the entire process.


1. What are the key reasons for the amazon account suspension?

There are multiple reasons for which amazon accounts can be suspended, including violation of sellers’ policies, selling restricted products, following illegal practices, etc.

2. How long does the Amazon account remain suspended?

Generally, the Amazon team takes 12 to 48 hours on your appeal. But sometimes, the entire process may take a few weeks or even months. The best thing is to hire Amazon appeal services to reinstate the account quickly.


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