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Log in…error…repeat No fruitful result; this might be because of your amazon seller account suspension. There are multiple reasons for which your seller account may get suspended. The situation becomes difficult when you have limited knowledge about how to get an amazon seller account reinstated; you can take the help of the amazon appeal service.

What Happens When Your Account Gets Deactivated?

Once your Amazon Seller’s account gets deactivated, all funds are put on hold, and all listings are removed. Upon deactivating your account, Amazon sends a notification to give you 90 days to appeal to reinstate the account or accept the deactivation.

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Once these 90 days are over, you have to request Amazon to release your funds, but it is also subject to their investigation. In this situation, you must be mentally ready to wait a long time. One of the best things you can do is avoid all the reasons that can lead to Amazon account suspension.

Types of Seller’s Privileges Revoke:


In suspension, the Amazon seller’s account is put under hold and selling is denied during this period. In this, you can make an appeal to Amazon to reinstate your seller’s account.


The “denied” status indicates that Amazon rejects your appeal, but you still have a chance to reactivate your seller account by sending the revised action plan.


In this, the seller’s account is banned by Amazon, which means your appeal has been denied multiple times, and you can no longer make an appeal to them. This permanently revokes your privileges as a seller.

Let’s Understand the Process to Reinstate Amazon Seller Account:

Find the Reason for Suspension

Before diving into the reinstatement process, it is vital to understand the reason for which the account has been suspended. Without knowing the cause of suspension, you will never be able to find the right measure and future suspension. There are multiple ways through which you can find reasons, and one through deep analysis of the product listing, check the suspension email from Amazon.


In order to be more sure about the reason, read the unread notification. Here you can confirm the reason. Sometimes Amazon gives notices to sellers before revoking sellers’ selling rights. This helps to double-check the reason, and you can be sure about it.

Review Information

Another important step is to review the seller’s account. Sometimes, Amazon does not provide complete information and enough reasons for the suspension. Go to your seller’s information and review it if you have given the right information. Check if there is anything wrong with the listings, products, or customer reviews.

Plan of Action

The next thing is creating a plan of action, and for it, you need a solid appeal letter. The letter is the backbone to reinstating your account. To create the right appeal letter, you must know what to include and exclude while writing it.

How to Write an Appeal Letter?

Writing an appeal letter to Amazon for reinstating the seller’s account is literally an art. Following are some guidelines you should follow to write an appeal letter.

Be Thankful

First of all, be thankful to Amazon for giving you the opportunity to write the appeal letter. A positive attitude is the main key to writing an appeal that proves to be a fruitful result. The tone of writing should be soft and formal and do not use abusive or bad language.

Explain What Went Wrong

In the letter, throw the limelight on your current situation and what went wrong. Once you explain your reason, the next thing is to tell them how you have taken immediate action to improve the situation. This action shows your positive attitude towards the customer’s care. For example, if customers complain about certain products, offer them quick compensation. This helps to replace the negative impression formed to a certain extent.

Tell Them About Your Plan of Action

In addition, explain about actions you are willing to take to avoid such situations in future. Your statement like “this won’t happen again” won’t help you; instead, tell them about your thorough plan and actions you will take to avoid it from happening again. For example, if your account is suspended for the poor quality of a product to, avoid it in the future. In that case, you can either improve the quality of the product, or you can remove the item from selling it. This action of yours shows that you are ready to take responsibility for your actions.


In the end, explain issues in bullet points and thank them for taking out time and reviewing your appeal letter.


There are dozens of reasons for which your account can be suspended. There is no doubt that suspension affects the overall business, and especially it hurts even more when your primary source of income is through sales on Amazon. In order to avoid doing any experiments, get an amazon seller account reinstated with the help of an appeal service like ours. AppealPrime is a renowned and experienced appeal service in the UK. Our experienced and expert consultant will help you to navigate through the situation in the right way.


Can I open another account after the Amazon account suspension?

There are three possible ways through which you can open another account. First, you can purchase an existing seller account, set up legal help, or send an email to Jeffery Bezos to help you in the situation.

How long does it take to reinstate my amazon seller account?

Generally, Amazon will review your appeal between 12-48 hours. In case when you are not getting any response from amazon, then it is likely that your account got suspended permanently.

How to fix my suspended Amazon seller account?

In order to reinstate your amazon seller account, all you need to do is to write an appeal letter where you need to give a solid plan of action.


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